I hope that everything that I do is interactive, given that I believe interactivity as a concept describes something that happens in the audience rather than in the media itself. Still, I present the following examples of my work under this category because they require an immediate contribution from you in order to complete the experience. They are old school Flash interfaces, from back in the day when I was in the Master's program in "Immersive Mediated Environments" at Indiana University.

Parking Shark

parking shark

Parking Shark is a game. If you win you get a song. If you lose, you get a loser song. I did the writing and soundtrack on this one. Click on the image below to play.

The Verse-O-Matic

verse o matic

The Verse-O-Matic is an interactive poetry machine that was an early solo effort in Flash. My actionscripting is not exactly masterful, but I still think you might enjoy creating a customized work of literature with the handy Verse-O-Matic!