I have written for media in every genre, including video games, television, movies (in the form of song lyrics and award winning screenplays) and traditional literary forms. For a complete list of publications and awards, click the "about me" button on the right.

I have received awards for fiction, poetry, and scriptwriting. For a complete list, see my CV.

Some examples:

I developed the concept and wrote much of the content in the award-winning educational game, WSTD.

I wrote the "story" (aka pitch) for an episode of PBS' American Experience series featuring Alfred Kinsey.

I wrote lyrics to a song that was included in Ron Howard's How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Universal, 2000).

I have published short stories and poetry in various literary magazines, and completed two novels. You can read the first chapter of my novel Roundhouse here. Henry, Stuck in a Chair and Oscar are two examples of my short stories.